ACCRE — a REIT Fund of Funds

Welcome to ACCRE!  Since its inception, ACCRE has outperformed the S&P by two and a half times, with lower volatility and the portfolio hedging properties of real estate.  Every month, we will share our performance and some notes about REIT investing for free.  You are welcomed to come here any time, and if you send us a note, we’ll be sure to send you an e-mail every time we post an update.  If you’d like to invest in REITs yourself, and want to know our actual trades and our portfolio update, we will be glad to make you a subscribing member for a nominal fee.

Let me share a bit of history.  ACCRE is a private REIT fund sponsored by Greenfield Advisors, Inc.  I’m John A. Kilpatrick, Ph.D., the Chairman of the Board of Greenfield and the Managing Director of ACCRE.  The links will take you to our firm’s website as well as my personal blog.

For the utterly uninitiated, REIT stands for “Real Estate Investment Trust”.  These are trusts which derive their income primarily from rents and operations of real estate, not from trading or development.  For practical purposes, they come in two flavors — publicly traded, which are usually NYSE listed, but occasionally NASDAQ and others, as well as private REITs.  We will be focused entirely on the public ones, mainly because of liquidity.  In the old days, REITs were highly diversified.

Several years ago, Greenfield was approached about a “gap” in the REIT advisory market.  Large investors (big pension plans, etc.) have plenty of advisors, but smaller investors and registered investment advisors have few alternatives to aid them in taking advantage of REIT returns.  (See the page on “Why REITs“) for more detail.)  Given our experience and expertise in real estate, Greenfield was a natural to help fill the gap.

To accomplish this, we began ACCRE as an in-house trading fund.  On this blog, we will report the monthly status of the fund and comparisons to other metrics. (We primarily use the NAREIT index and the S&P 500.  See the page on “Comparative Metrics” for more detail.)

If you wish to trade along with us, we have a small subscription fee for a more detailed private newsletter where we will report actual trades and holdings.  Please contact me for further information.