Feb 2019 Portfolio Report

February was another great month for ACCRE.  We continued to turn in positive returns:  1.07% for the month, for an annualized return of 13.91%.  As we’ve noted before, a dollar invested in ACCRE since the inception would be worth $1.46 today, compared to $1.18 if that same dollar had been invested in the S&P.  (We do not yet have statistics for the NAREIT index — those metrics typically lag a bit.  We will update the report when the NAREIT numbers are available.)

On a risk-adjusted basis, ACCRE’s performance is stellar.  The Sharpe Ratio is a measure of the risk-adjusted excess returns.  That is, how much more would you have received in ACCRE, per unit of variability, than you would have received in a simple T-Bill investment?  From the inception to the end of February, the ACCRE Sharpe Ratio is nearly three times that of the S&P, telling us not only that ACCRE’s returns are solid, but also that ACCRE continues to tell a great diversification story.

Dollar Invested Feb 2019

Cum returns Feb 2019