ACCRE report for May

It’s been a busy few weeks for Greenfield, so I’m just getting caught up with ACCRE and a few other items.  May was a very tough month for the stock market in general.  Specifically, the S&P was down 6.58% last month, for an annualize negative return of almost 79%.  REIT stocks in general held their own, and ACCRE continued to outperform both the market and the over all REIT universe, up about 0.24% on the month.

ACCRE May dollar invested updatedSpecifically, a dollar invested in ACCRE since the inception would be worth $1.51 today.  That same dollar invested in the S&P would only be worth $1.16.  I would note that this is the first time in almost two years that the cumulative return on the NAREIT index has passed the S&P — a dollar in NAREIT would be worth $1.19 today.

ACCRE continues to provide excellent diversification on top of these stellar returns.  I’ll have more about that next week.  Best wishes to you all for a great weekend.

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