Trade Tensions and REITs

Real estate in general, and REITs in particularly, look very good in a world of trade tensions.  Sarah Borshersen-Keto, writing for NAREIT last week, interviewed Joel Beam, a senior portfolio manager at Salient while at NAREIT‘s REITweek conference in New York.  Beam noted that REITs have had a great run relative to other equities during the recent trade-war spat.  As quoted in the article, Beam noted, “I think that’s a testament that real estate represents a flight-to-safety approach for a lot of folks.”

Beam went on to describe the level of capital chasing REITs as “enormous”.  Beam noted that the high returns from REITs, coupled with the low volatility, helped explain why REITs were so attractive to investors right now.

To read the entire article, and others on the NAREIT site about the REIT world today, click here.

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