August ACCRE update

Sorry for the delay, folks.  We’ve made a few changes to the way we measure our data, and frankly September has been a terrifically busy month!  Now, on with the good news.

ACCRE had a stellar August, particularly compared to the S&P.  We turned in a very solid 3.6% monthly return, which means that a dollar invested in ACCRE at the inception is now worth $1.63.  The S&P, in turn, had a crummy month, both in terms of returns and volatility.  The S&P ended August with a negative 1.81% return.  If you had invested that same dollar in the S&P back when we started ACCRE (and many of you did!), it would only be worth $1.24 today.

August 2019

We have changed our REIT benchmark.  We were previously using the monthly NAREIT index, computed by the Financial Times folks.   Unfortunately, this index was only reported monthly, and was usually a bit lagged.  For that reason, we’ve switched to using the S&P REIT index, which is reported on a daily basis.  We’ve gone back to the inception of ACCRE and re-computed REIT benchmark returns accordingly.  Note that the S&P REIT benchmark is an “all in” index, including both dividends and price gains.

We’ll report volatility and Sharpe Index data later in the month.

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