ACCRE mid-month report

As usual, I devote the mid-month report to discuss some of the diversification metrics for ACCRE, which continues to outperform the other indices and continues to enjoy superior risk-hedged returns.  Most of the time, I focus on the Sharpe Ratio, the average daily return, minus the risk-free return, all divided by the standard deviation of those daily returns.  Generally, the greater the Sharpe Ratio, the more attractive the risk-adjusted returns.

In our case, ACCRE consistently dominates the S&P 500.  Measured since the inception of the find, the Sharpe Ratio for ACCRE is 0.06% (this is a daily return) versus 0.02% for the S&P.  Recall that this takes volatility into account, as is shown in the following graphic of monthly returns:

Mid-month 11 19

ACCRE, the blue line near the middle of the graphic, has been the slow-and-steady performer for the past two and a half years, while the S&P and the S&P Property Index have been all over the map.

By the way, ACCRE as part of a diversified portfolio should have a low correlation with the S&P.  Since inception, ACCRE’s correlation has averaged 42%, and was only about 29% for the month of October.

We’ll keep you posted.  As usual, subscribers receive notifications of trades and portfolio percentages.  We’ve gone a few weeks without a trade, and I suspect some portfolio rebalancing is soon in order.

ACCRE October Report

ACCRE continues on a winning streak, with a positive October.  We benefitted from overall gains in the market — the S&P had a super return, and this spilled over both to the property sector in general and to ACCRE.  As of the end of the month, a dollar invested in ACCRE at the inception (April 1, 2017) would be worth $1.64 today, for an average annual return of 24.3%.  For comparison, during that same period, the average annual return for the S&P was 12.9%.

ACCRE October 2019

We’ll be back mid-month with other metrics, and of course our premium subscribers will receive notification of any trades. Have a great November!