As I mentioned on another page, Greenfield was approached several years ago by 3rd parties in the REIT industry who were concerned about the lack of high-quality advisory services available to mid-sized investment funds, such as small trusts, endowments, and pension plans.  REITs are an extraordinarily important but highly specialized asset class.  REITs are generally uncorrelated with the broader market, and so provide enhanced returns with risk attenuating features for a diversified portfolio.

Greenfield, the sponsor of ACCRE, is a 42-year-old real estate consulting firm headquartered in Seattle, and with a principal east coast office in Atlanta.  We mainly operate in the U.S., although in recent years we’ve had dealings and clients on six continents.   We also own AVM-Analytic, a real estate technology company, and Bartow Street Capital, a mid-market private equity broker/dealer focused on real estate.  Affiliated with us is the Greenfield Institute, which provides counseling services and other assistance to homeowners, lenders, and others in related arenas.

Over the years, we’ve been identified as one of the top boutique real estate consulting firms in the world, with a particular focus on valuing complex transactions, litigation support, brownfield redevelopment, and valuation standards.  Litigation support is a mainstay of our practice, and as such we maintain appraisal, brokerage, and FINRA licensure throughout the U.S. For example, in recent years, we’ve consulted on hundreds of residential mortgage backed securities which were damaged following the recession, and have aided our clients in recovering over $50 Billion.

ACCRE allows us to bring these decades of diverse experience to the REIT market.  We understand REITs at the core asset level, and we are able to trade REITs based on that understanding at a very granular level.  As you can see from our updates pages (“blog”), we have consistently outperformed both the S&P and NAREIT.